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D-Day Remembered

To mark the 73rd anniversary of the Invasion of Normandy, I wish to remember 4 servicemen from Mount Ephraim who participated in D-Day.  

Sergeant Joseph Kelly was the radio operator aboard a C-47 aircraft that transported paratroopers into France in the early morning of June 6.  "It was the greatest show on earth and I am certainly glad to say I was on it.  We dropped our troops and supplies right on the bullseye amid all the flak that was being thrown at us."  Kelly, a 1942 Audubon High School alumni, lived at 722 Gaskill Avenue. He enlisted in the Army after graduation and was sent to radio school in Chicago.  Kelly was assigned to a troop carrier unit at Maxton, NC., where he was stationed for several months before heading to England in early 1943. 

Corporal William H. Munro Jr. was a paratrooper who saw 37 days of action in France. He injured his knee upon landing deep into enemy territory on D-Day.  His regiment was scattered and Munro was listed as MIA for 9 days.  Of 1…