Robert A. Muller

Service Number: 8151322  Rank: Electrician’s Mate, 3rd Class Outfit: U.S. Naval Operating Facility #120, Recife, Brazil.

Robert August Muller Jr. was born on November 12, 1910 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to parents, Robert Sr. and Lena (Munz) Muller. Robert Sr. was a saloon operator in Philadelphia and Lena was a housekeeper. The Mullers had 3 more children after the birth of Robert Jr. Frederick was born in 1912, Francis in 1913, and William in 1916. The family moved from 2215 South Third Street in South Philadelphia to 1107 West Kings Highway in Mount Ephraim some time around 1915. Robert Sr. found employment as a shipfitter at a ship yard in Gloucester City. On the morning of October 8, 1919, a piece of iron plating fell from an unknown height, striking him in the head. The impact killed him instantly. He was only 43 years of age.

Robert attended elementary school for eight years, and completed his freshman year at Camden Catholic High School before dropping o…

Willis T. Houser

Branch: ARMY Service Number: 6719095 
Rank: Private Unit: 32nd Infantry Div, 126th Infantry Reg, Co. “I”

Willis Theodore Houser was born on July 10, 1906 in Millerton, Pennsylvania to parents Dr. Penrose Willis Houser and Anna "Leda" (Hamilton) Houser. Willis was the youngest of the siblings. He had a sister, Vera born in 1900 and a brother, Verde born in 1901. Dr. Houser also had two children from a previous marriage. Celia was born in 1893 (but later died in 1918) and Hugh was born a year later.

Penrose Houser was a physician who practiced medicine in Millerton and Wellsboro, Pennsylvania. He had originally gone to school for music but this career had proved too difficult to earn a decent living at the time. He decided to change his profession and attended both Johns Hopkins and Columbia Universities where he received his medical degrees. Penrose's musical influence did not however go to unnoticed. He was a talented violinist and taught music lessons to children in …

Daniel F. Benevento

Branch: ARMY
Service Number: 42113944
Rank: Private First Class Unit: 63rd Infantry Div, 253rd Infantry Reg, Co. "C"
Daniel was born Donato Francis Benevento in Buenos Aires, Argentina on June 22, 1909 to parents Rocco and Anna Lucia “Lucy” (Desopo) Benevento. Daniel and his family were from Tricarico, a small town in southern Italy. Not sure yet of the reason he was born in Argentina, but he spent his younger years in Italy. Daniel was the third of four children of the family. He had an older sister Maria “Mary" who was born in 1898, and an older brother Antonio “Anthony” born in 1900. The baby of the group was Joseph, who was born in 1912.

Political, social, and economic unrest was growing by the day in Italy. The Italian government was allocating more of the nation’s resources to industrialize the north rather than share in the development of prosperity with the south. This resulted in an unfair tax burden to residents living in the southern part of the country. Inst…

Attilio J. Simone

Branch: ARMY
Service Number: 42140376 Rank: Private Unit: 29th Infantry Regiment, 116th Infantry Regiment, Co. “K”
Attilio Joseph Simone was born on Saturday, August 4, 1917 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Italian immigrant parents Joseph and Jennie Simione. The surname was changed at some point during the immigration process to Simone. Attilio had two older brothers at this time. Dominico was born in 1914 and Vincent born in 1916. The Simones lived at 3281 Agate Street in the Port Richmond section of Philadelphia by 1920. Attilio became a big brother on October 18, 1920, when his mother gave birth to twins Anthony and Josephine. Two years later, brother Peter was born. By 1930, the family had moved across the Delaware River into a home at 147 Shreve Street in Mt. Holly, New Jersey. Young Atillio attended grade school there up to 4th grade.

It wasn't long before that the Simones migrated to Camden, New Jersey some time prior to 1935. This is where Attilio met his future wife, Carol…