James A. Busey

Branch: COAST GUARD RESERVES Rank: Fireman 1st Class Outfit: USS Leopold (DE-319)

March 9th, 2018 will mark the 74nd anniversary of the death of a World War II U.S. Coast Guardsman, James Busey.  This story is a bit unique for me as this serviceman is not from Mount Ephraim, but due to a mixup on the town WWII monument, he has been made a permanent honoree nonetheless. 
James Arthur Busey was born on October 21, 1921 in Seabrook, Maryland to parents Samuel and Zelah Busey.  James had a younger sister, Elizabeth who was born in the fall of 1925.  According to a 1925 directory, the Buseys were living at 1144 Fifth Street NE in Washington D.C. and the 1930 Census, shows them living at 513 G. Street Northeast in Washington D.C.  He was a parishioner of the Saint Francis Xavier Church and attended Holy Name parochial grade school from September, 1928 to June, 1936.  The principal there stated he was an average to poor student.  This rating could have certainly been a reflection of life at ho…

Jerry J. Giordano

Branch: ARMY Rank: Private First Class Outfit: 4th Infantry Div, 12th Infantry Reg, Co. “G”
November 14th, 2017 will mark the 73rd anniversary of the death of Mt. Ephraim resident and World War II soldier, Private First Class, Jerry J. Giordano.
Jerry was born Gennaro J. Giordano on November 7, 1917 in Philadelphia Pennsylvania to Italian immigrant parents, Pasquale and Rosina “Rose” Giordano. Jerry was the eldest child of Giordano family. His siblings were Angelo born in 1918, Frank born in 1920, Nicholas born in 1922, and Charles who was born in 1923 but died from diphtheria at 9 months old.
The family lived at 1839 Morris Street by 1920 and later at 1733 Cleveland Street. Both address are located in the Point Breeze section of Philadelphia. 
According to the 1930 Census, the Giordano family had moved to 57 West Kings Highway in Mt. Ephraim (presently the office of Kingsgate Realty). All of the children were attending school and Pasquale was working for a company that manufactured gas…

Robert A. Dixon

Branch: ARMY Rank: Private Outfit: 3rd Infantry Div, 15th Infantry Reg, Co. “C”
November 13th marks the 74th anniversary of the death of Mt. Ephraim soldier, Private Robert A. Dixon.
Robert was born on August 2nd, 1909 in Port Carbon, Pennsylvania to parents Albert and Mary Dixon.  Robert had a twin brother Richard, who died of pneumonia at the age of 2.   Albert had 4 sons from a previous marriage, Leo born in 1893, Arthur in 1899, William in 1902, and Jerome born in 1907.  They all resided on Third Street in Port Carbon, a coal mining town in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania.  It is located approximately 80 miles northwest of Mount Ephraim, New Jersey. 
Robert's mother passed away around 1915, when he was just a young boy.  He attended school up to the 7th grade and by the age of 19, he moved out on his own, working as a laborer for the railroad but still residing in Port Carbon. By early 1940, Robert moved to Muncy Creek Township, situated a few miles east of Williamsport, PA., wher…

Veterans Day

To all of the men and women of this country who have signed up, taken the oath, and served for our military.  Thank you for all you have done to keep the people of the United States and other countries safe.

Today, I am posting a list those from Mount Ephraim who have served in the armed forces during World War II.  This list was a culmination from names I have found while researching the veterans who appear on the monuments at Veterans Triangle.  These names (and many times, photos) appeared in the Courier Post.  The list is not complete, so if your relative's name does not appear on this list, please contact me.

Mount Ephraim World War II Veterans:

Aceto, Pasquale F.Albinson, Harry A. Jr.Albinson, John E.Allchin, Elmer E. Jr.Anderson, HenryArangio, AlbertArangio, HarryArangio, JohnArangio JosephArangio, PeterArdecki, Pauline D. (Kasprzak)Ardecki, TadAugustine, Gustave J. B
Back, FrankBaker, Roland Evan Sr.Baker, Roland Evan Jr.Balassaitis, Albert T.Balestra, Lawrence "Fel…