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George J. Ocavage

Branch: Army Air Force
Service Number: 32077440 Rank: Staff Sergeant Unit: 14th Air Force, 308th Bombardment Group, 425th Bombardment Squadron

George J. Ocavage was the youngest sibling of the Ocavage family having several sisters (Helen, Mary, Margaret, Agnes, Frances, Marcella, and Anna) and a brother, Anthony. He was born to Lithuanian immigrant parents John and Margaret on March 2, 1919 in New Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. A small coal mining community located in Schuykill County, approximately 70 miles northeast of Philadelphia. Most of the town residents at that time were also primarily of Lithuanian descent. His father John was employed at the nearby Silver Creek Mine had passed away just prior to George's second birthday. 

The Ocavage children would go to get their education at the Sacred Heart Parochial School in New Philadelphia. Here, Anthony and George participated in a play on September 11th and 12th of 1931. “Corporal Eagen” was a hit show which contained a pageant, minst…

Richard V. Buck

Branch: ARMY
Service Number: 32265060  Rank: Private First Class Unit: 816th Tank Destroyer Battalion
Richard Vincent Buck was born on October 31, 1915 in Philadelphia, PA to parents William Henry Buck III and Lydia Spencer Bowes. The family lived in the 359 Shedaker Street in the Germantown section of Philadelphia.  William was a tool maker and machinist for the Midvale Steel Company in Philadelphia while Lydia tended to her home and 4 boys.  William Henry IV, the eldest of the Buck children was born in 1909, Edward Norman born in 1913, Richard in 1915, and lastly, Victor Quinton was born in 1917.

In early February 1920, Richard's mother was not feeling well.   On the 10th of February, Doctor T. Carroll Davis came by the house to diagnose and treat her illness.  Lydia was suffering from influenza and her condition only worsened by contracting pneumonia.  Just one week later, she died at the age of 39.  A heartbroken William was now solely left to care for his 4 children.  Or at least,…